LLLL.com Ramblings

1. Prices as of December 1st, 2008 according to 3Character.com are:

  • 3-Letter .com – $6000 (+ $500 since November 1, 2007 report)
  • 3-Letter .net – $825 (Unchanged)
  • 3-Letter .org – $285 (+ $10 since November 1, 2007 report)
  • 3-Letter .info – $140 (Unchanged)
  • 3-Letter .biz – $60 (- $15 since November 1, 2007 report)
  • 3-Letter .us – $60 (Unchanged)
  • 3-Letter .mobi – $165 (Unchanged)
  • Apparently LLL.com names are priced the way they are because of the amount of endusers for them… Following that logic and assuming a $15 min wholesale on LLLL.coms, I guess we have 55x as many .net enduser as LLLL.coms, 19x as many .org endusers, 11x as many .mobi endusers, 9x as many .info endusers, and 4x as many endusers for both .biz and .us…

    Oh, and for the record, I definitely think there’s 400x as many endusers for LLL.coms as LLLL.coms (yeah right!)…

    2. CCC.coms which are borderline useless sell for ~$200-$300 because “they’re short” or so I’m told… Like an additional letter with no numbers would be any harder to type?

    3. “Many LLLL.coms have bad letters like X,Q,Z and so it’s hard to make acronyms…”    Did that stop the min wholesale on LLL.coms from reaching $6k this month? I’m sure YQJ.com has tons of endusers, I mean cmon, it’s 3 letters so people must just be dying for it, right? As a matter of fact, it has soooo many endusers, I think it should sell for 30x more than a very good premium LLLL.com that just might be able to find an enduser, but, since it’s 4 letters in length, companies probably aren’t interested…

    4. “Way too many LLLL.coms drop everyday for prices to ever rise…” Yeah, I’m sure the drop catchers, scanners, large companies, and domainers will just one day stop registering them when they drop — especially when the going rate on the worst LLLL.coms is 2x regfee… Oh, and how are those CCC.com drops coming along? At $200+, shouldn’t these things never drop? Clearly not everyone sees these things as being worth $200+… By the way noob, how are those CCC.nets coming along for ya 😉 What? You mean you still can’t get the money you put in them back?

    And I’m just dying for someone to show me conclusive proof that if LLL.biz names go for $60 (according to 3Character.com), that somehow LLLL.coms are overpriced at anything under $60 per.

    Go on… Prove your case.. Oh? What? You don’t have one? Doesn’t surprise me. 

    .biz is as useless as tits on a frog and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  


    ~ by Reece on December 11, 2007.

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