LLLL.com prices going through the roof!

Almost everything on TDNAM went for ~ $40+ today (once renewal fees are added in). TDNAM seems to often lead the pack… Something to perhaps look forward to seeing elsewhere within the coming days… Wouldn’t it be nice to see a $30 min wholesale by Xmas 😉


~ by Reece on December 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “LLLL.com prices going through the roof!”

  1. and on eBay today, I just sold WXUB for $26 (over 10 times what I paid for it less than 3 months ago in a bulk purchase) … Also compare with WXUD which I sold for $10.51 on eBay less than 1 month ago.

    A lot of financial industry employees get their annual bonus money around the middle of January – seems possible some of that money might show up in the domain market one way or another … I was expecting December to see relatively weak prices, with more sellers than buyers, and was looking to January for LLLL to really take off. Well, will see – we’re just a third of the way into the month now. I suspect next couple weeks may be good time to buy a few bargains. But just guessing, things are seldom that simple, I guess!

  2. I like this blog. It is better than pickle stew!

  3. Hi Reece!

    $30 whosale by Xmas would be nice. Around a month ago, when the last LLLLs for regfee were gone, I was expecting the minimum price to be $15 in 3-6 months. Now, with $20-30 minimum, it looks like we are heading to a minimum price of $50 by March – April 2008.

    Hi price in LLLL.com will transfer in increase in LLLL.net value. Nice LLLL.net might be a good investment now.


  4. Vlad,

    I definitely agree with you — now is the time to pick up VCVC.nets and strong quad premiums.


    That’s a very interesting theory there… I was thinking we might start seeing domainers who own companies buying LLLL.coms and writing them off as assets to lower their taxable income.

    I too was thinking we’d see stronger gains in the February-March timeframe than now, and perhaps we still will, however I’ve been pretty happy with the solid gains so far 🙂

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