Monetizing LLLL.coms

While those of you having only a few LLLL.coms may not need to worry about monetization, those of us sitting on 1000+ LLLL.coms are missing out on some serious income (or traffic) by opting to pass on monetization. Take a look at the traffic difference below that forwarding my 1600 LLLL.coms to my blog has made:

the difference

The changes were implemented on December 4th. As much as I’d like to say I’m a wonderful blogger worthy of getting 170 uniques daily, or that my posts have been of extra quality lately, the cause is obvious — 1600 domain names being forwarded to this site.

As can be seen from the graph, my traffic has shot up about 100 uniques as a result. So, the question becomes… What’s 100 daily uniques worth? It certainly worth more than the pennies Sedo will give you for them imho.

100 uniques/day is more than almost any undeveloped domain name will get. Most people struggle to maintain 100+ uniques/day at their blog or website. And now… 100 uniques per day can be yours just for forwarding your 1600 LLLL.coms to your site. How could getting traffic be any easier?

Alot of the people typing in LLLL.coms are indeed looking for available domain names. For that reason, forwarding them to a blog like this one is not only sending you traffic, but most likely targetted traffic. And we all know there’s no traffic like targetted traffic 😉

I’ll post an update about future readership stats in the not too distant future. It’ll be interesting to see how much that additional 100 daily uniques helps the blog grow.


~ by Reece on December 8, 2007.

9 Responses to “Monetizing LLLL.coms”

  1. Hi Reece,
    Not sure if I understand what you mean but here is an example. Are you saying that if I have a domain that gets 3 uniques a day I would be beter off forwarding that name to a blog so as to increase the visitors to my blog ? If I did this with 10 domain names I would get 30 extra visitors to my blog who may then click on ads which would be more valuable than clicks on a parking site ? Or have I totally midunderstood ? Vic

  2. Hi Stock Trader,

    You understood that perfectly 🙂

    Blogs encourage repeat visitors if you have quality content whereas empty parked pages do not. If your LLLL.coms were getting keyword searches of say “stock trading” day after day, forwarding all LLLL.coms that have those same search results to a blog about stock trading may be a good idea to increase your traffic and revenue.

  3. Thanks Reece. Nice to know I understood it correctly. 🙂
    Now I’ve got another question, I hope you don’t mind, – is there any reason why LLLL.coms are so valuable, do people just idly type in 4 letter .coms on their ketboard to see what comes up ? The reason I ask is that I was looking through your list of prices paid for LLLLs and some of the prices seem incomprehensilbe e.g. imas, tapu, freo which have been bought for between 10 and 20,000 USD each yet just appear to be parked pages. Do LLLLs get so many unique visitors they can pay for themselves just from the clicks ? Vic

  4. Hi Stock Trader,

    Many LLLL.coms do in fact get enough traffic to pay for themselves, however clearly not in these cases! Names like the ones mentioned in your examples are classical examples of highly brandable names — the kind of names a new Web 2.0 start-up company may want or even a company like NBC (remember ).

    So in essence, you’re gambling on the likelihood of this name being in demand by an enduser who may very well be willing to pay 10 times these prices. What’s 100k to NBC, right?

    Whether this logic is flawed or not remains to be seen. There are a few very popular sites/companies that do use CVCV’s, such as Bebo and Sedo in example. Whether there are enough such companies to justify the current prices is a bit of a question mark at present. No doubt some people will be very happy they chose to purchase the CVCV they did in the near future. Others may have to wait years or never see that enduser sale they were hoping for.

    I think it’s safe to say that a domainer is better of purchasing CVCV’s in the $2000-$4000 range where there are other domainers that may be interested, rather than paying $XX,XXX and limiting yourself to not just endusers — but endusers with alot of cash.

  5. Thanks again, I’m just surprised at the money some people seem to have available for what is essentially a gamble. $10,000 dollars in a bank would bring in 5% a year so the eventual sale price needs to out perform that as well.
    I just bid on a 4 letter .com on Ebay and much to my surprise I ended up being the highest bidder ! So now I am the proud owner of (or at least I will be when I’ve paid for it) – I forgot to check the renewal date thgouh so I may have a renewal coming up – I need to check.
    Where does ZUVW figure in the percentiles ? I paid $31 for it – was it worth it I wonder ?

  6. You’re right Stock Trader. And when you consider that an investment in energy seems like a pretty risk free 20%+ ROI right now, that’s also something to consider — and something I did think long and hard about before investing in LLLL.coms.

    10k in LLLL.coms (at regfee) is also 10k in renewals + lost interest on the 10k over year 1. Year 2 now brings lost interest on the 10k from Year 1, lost interest from the 10k in Year 2, an opportunity cost of not having the cash available at your disposal, and the caveat of another 10k in renewal costs in Year 3 😉

    ZUVW, while not being the best letters does have a suprisingly large number of Google results. While I’m not a big fan of selling LLLL.coms solely on Google results, I do think you could likely get your money back (and maybe some more) advertising it as an with a large amount of Google results. The name is moderately pronounceable as “ZUV W”, which is an added bonus.

  7. Hey Reece,

    I understand your monetization piece above. I was wondering if it would be wise to direct 100+ llll’s to one name rather than parking all 100 names. I recieve about $20-$30 a month in clicks, but would I be able to make more than that by simply directing all traffic to that one name. I understand I would be getting alot more views for that one name, but how would I be able to make more than parking money. I guess I’m just not understanding how you can put links on your page that will make money. Does the company authorize some sort of pay-per-click, and they agree to pay you for the traffic you send their way. I am familiar with using frontpage to build websites, but I am still clueless as to how to make a blog in frontpage. It’s got to be easier than some of the stuff I’m doing, but I guess I haven’t figured that one out yet.

    Sorry for the rambling…………

  8. I receive roughly 100,000 hits/month with 2300 domains. Sedo pays me roughly $600/month for this traffic. They seem to be poorly monetizing my portfolio. Which site is the best in your opinion, TrafficZ,

    Nick Schrunk
    Infinity Networks

  9. Hi Nick,, in my experience, really isn’t any better than SedoPro. Word on the street is that Yahoo feeds (such as the one Parked uses) are paying less per click lately, regardless of quality score. I have no clue what the difference is as I wasn’t parking my domains at Parked until after this change was made, however with the new quality scoring system, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to switch my names over there…

    I haven’t tried Traffic Z but have heard good things about it. Please keep us posted if you give it a try 🙂

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