Making 2 Cents per day off your LLLL.coms

Did you hear right? Did I say The D word?

While developing and being a pure domainer have long been like oil and water, they really need not be. And unlike what some developers would like you to believe (it makes them money afterall!), a domainer need not purchase Dreamweaver, learn HTML, or hire the expensive services of a web designer to develop a website. As a matter of fact, monetizing an could be as easy as setting up a blog like this one! And unlike what, once again, developers and some big domainers would like you to believe, you can be perfectly successful with a domain unrelated to your subject.

 Like Football? There’s no reason my FGXE can’t be used for the job! And no, you don’t need to make some cheesy acronym like Football Guide Xtreme Edition (although that doesn’t sound half bad afterall, now does it?). The bottom line is that genuine content will attract genuine readers. This blog doesn’t have the best name, but it certainly does have the best readers 🙂

 Seriously though.. Do you go to wikipedia or for all your wiki news? I won’t bore you providing 100 examples of such… It’s obvious — all you need to succeed is genuine content and traffic to that genuine content. So if you want your to be a football site, go for it! Sure, having or even an acronym that was easier to remember might make it easier to achieve success.. Let’s remember something here… It costs all of $7-$8 to renew your name. Strive for that to begin with! Making 2 cents per day off each name will pay for all the renewals.

Let’s never forget that! We don’t need to achieve something megalomaniacal here. We just need consistent earnings of 2+ cents daily on each name — something easily achieved by putting a little bit of unique content on each name weekly. You don’t need 1600 developed sites to achieve this… You could build 5-10 sites and redirect all the other names to those 5-10.. Park your names for a bit and analyze which keywords people are searching for.. Make sites about those topics and redirect the names to sites appropriate to what they were getting clicks from.

If that’s still too much work, consider using your domain names for blogs. Blogs are so easy nowadays to make and update… You don’t have to devote hours daily to each blog like I devote to this one.. Just try and post some unique content on each every couple days — ideally each day. If you had 20 or 30 blogs each making $1/day, you’d be making $600-$900/month — about $8000/year. Would sure make those renewal fees easier on the wallet, no? It’s not very hard to make $1/day on a blog… Just make sure to keep your content interesting and stay on topic.

I hope to hear some success stories come renewal time next year! No need to thank me.

Source: Making 2 Cents per day off your LLLL.coms


~ by Reece on December 8, 2007.

One Response to “Making 2 Cents per day off your LLLL.coms”

  1. Sadly it gets a bit harder when the big G disables your adsense account. I’m in the UK so no Yahoo Publisher Network either, I giving Adbrite a try, perhaps that can get me the $1 a day.

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