Huge Increases in values this week…!

A quick look over at TDNAM, Ebay, or Snap will tell you 1 thing: LLLL.coms are HOT!!!

While many of us (myself included) thought it would really take until February to see a large upswing in the value of LLLL.coms… it seems like it’s already happened. Very few 3x premium LLLL.coms are selling for under $30 now and a very large proportion of them are actually fetching $40+ once renewal fees are accounted for at TDNAM. The situation is the same at Snap and even Ebay is slowly following suit.

In other words… Those that tell you that now is not the time to buy LLLL.coms; that only those who got in early (pre-buyout) will profit, are DEAD WRONG.

People are making money EVERYDAY with LLLL.coms. With my 1600 collection, every time the average goes up $1 in price, I’m sitting on a collection of names worth $1600 more! You can sure see why I’m excited with how everything’s been going 😉

Take a look at my thread on Namepros — even is rapidly gaining supporters. What does this tell you about And let’s not forget about all those Chinese businesses who’ll now be forced to pay $XXX+ for their LLLL.CN or $XXX+ for their What can I say? You snooze, you lose!

 I cannot emphasize how important it is for those interested in LLLL.coms to do it now or very quickly. Every time LLLL.coms go up $1, that’s $1 more that could have been yours — $1 more that could have went towards another You snooze, you lose has never been more true than it is now with LLLL.coms. Prices are already up approximately 500% since October. What does that tell you about LLLL.coms?

 When’s the last time you saw even one-tenth that return in an entire year in the stock market? 500% in 2 months… Think about that for a second..

So where do LLLL.coms go from here? Well, with all drops being picked up via backorder and by scanners, there really is nowhere for them to go but UP. And don’t let anyone tell you differently! Now is NOT the time to sell. Now is the time to be picking up those extra few names you missed out on pre-buyout.

Some nice names I picked up this week…

I’ll be publishing another report later today. About 53% of all LLLL.nets currently having been scanned have come up as being registered. It’s great news for LLLL.coms to see that there’s such large demand even for LLLL.nets. The more extensions LLLL’s are registered in, the fewer alternatives a company or enduser will have – all the more likely they’ll pony up the cash for our prized holdings 🙂


~ by Reece on December 7, 2007.

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