Don’t sell your Short…

Too many times I see people selling their LLLL.coms and make threads about wanting a certain price (let’s say $40) and then a guy comes around offering you $30 or $35 and you jump on it. Unlike most domain names out there, LLLL.coms have the special characteristic of being in demand. Why take $30 for your name when you know that every Tom, Dick, and Harry will offer you just that for it? Stay firm on your price. Do a little research on this guy.. Look into what other names he’s making offers on. Do a whois check on a name owned by him and run that email through Google. Is he a lowballer or maybe an enduser? Either way – if he’s a lowballer, that means you can do better and if he’s an enduser, well… 🙂

And let’s not forget about properly marketing your name..

“All LLLL.coms have been registered…”

“LLLL.coms have already gone up 500% in value since October…” 

“LLLL.coms are one of the fastest appreciating sectors in the domain name industry…”

“This is one of the cheapest LLLL.coms on the market today…”

“This is the perfect blend between price and quality…”

“Endusers abound for this…”

“If I had time to hunt down endusers, I definitely wouldn’t be selling this right now…”

“While I don’t feel that now is the right time to sell, personal circumstances have forced me to do otherwise…”

“Now is a great time to get into the market…”

“I’m only selling LLLL.coms to fund renewals on my other LLLL.coms”

**Don’t forget to differentiate your from the others:

 “This is one of the very few rare specimens containing 4 bad letters — the most anti-premium of anti-premiums…”

“This has super-premium letters A, C, and S…”

“LLLL.coms with Q’s are really popular in China…”

“There are only 26 LLLL.coms that start with 3 consecutive X’s, this is one of them…”

“This is easily pronounceable and means _____ in (insert language)…”

“Similar LLLL.coms which have sold in the past have sold for an average of (insert figure, provide a link to proof)…”

The above suggestions are especially true when dealing with endusers. Unlike domainers, who likely know at least a few of the above statements — endusers may very well strictly be interested in 1 name. It’s up to you to sell them on why the name you own is worth the price you’re asking!


~ by Reece on December 7, 2007.

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