XDWQ.com @ $22, WVYT.com @ $37…

$15 + regfee on XDWQ.com… Thoughts on this?

It seems like 3 bad letter and 2 bad letter + semis are beginning to distance themselves from “anti-premiums” (a 4x bad letter LLLL.com, so coined by filter, a member of Namepros).

 WVYT.com went for $37 yesterday at TDNAM (regfee included)… Should we expect $30+ prices to become the norm on names with 2-3 bad or 3-4 semis? It seems like that’s the direction we’re going in…

 I feel so much better about the names I bought in October for $7 that have 1 bad letter when I see names like this selling for the money they do 😉

 Very few triple premium are selling for under $30 (including regfee) at TDNAM anymore… When you factor in a $7-$10 renewal fee, don’t prices on Namepros seem cheap?


~ by Reece on December 4, 2007.

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