A Prelude to the Price Guide…

The guide is still being worked on… I want to make sure it accurately reflects the market and for that reason, I am conducting my own research, as well as using valuable resources, such as TDVR.com , in the process of coming up with prices which accurately reflect the minimum wholesale prices across the diverse LLLL.com universe. Many interesting facts can be learnt from TDVR.com — the largest database of 4 letter .com sales..

Median LLLL.com prices have increased from an average of $40.00 in November to $49.00 in December. In  evaluating LLLL.com prices in the aftermarket, I opted to take the lowest 10% and highest 10% off the list to better reflect what the average LLLL.com is going for. Names like acne.com, porn.com, etc could skew the valuation of every single LLLL.com if they were included in the analysis, and while CVCV’s/VCVC’s have a much smaller effect, their effect is still noticed and I have therefore done my best to eliminate them from the analysis by implementing analysis on only those LLLL.coms that fall within the 10th and 90th percentile.  Median prices rose from $31.00 in November to $35.00 so far in December. Only 8 of the 102 (7.8%) sales currently reported on TDVR for December are for LLLL.coms under $20.

 Please note that these figures reflect appreciation across the entire LLLL.com aftermarket, aside from CVCV/VCVC, and a few rare exceptions such as xmas.com, team.com..

There have been 1126 documented sales by TDVR since November 01. Of those, 243 happened on Ebay (21.6%, average price: $28.00, median: $22.50), 263 happened on Namepros (23.3%, average price: $28.00, median: $25.00), 95 at Snap (8.4%, average price: $106.00, median: $59.00), and 473 at TDNAM (42.0%, average price: $44.00, median: $35.00). It’s important to note that Snapnames and TDNAM have minimum bids, largely reducing underpriced LLLL.coms from ever being sold (and hence both mean and average prices are artificially inflated from a lack of low quality LLLL.com sales).

Over 95% of documented sales come from the venues mentioned above. These venues are hence an invaluable asset in researching the LLLL.com market.

Other interesting facts..

The 10th percentile LLLL.com (lxks.com) sold for $15. I’ll provide information of the 10th percentile of various types of LLLL.coms in the price guide, soon to come, but for now, this seems like a very reasonable minimum wholesale price on all but the most anti-premium of LLLL.coms.

The 90th percentile LLLL.com (bboh.com) sold for $160.00. The 25th percentile saw bwpj.com fetch $20.00, while the 75th percentile saw ejdg.com fetch $56.00. As can be seen, a good chunk (a 50% chunk to be more precise) of LLLL.coms are being sold between $20.00 and $56.00.

 That’s it for now! The guide will be very, very detailed and may take a couple days to be entirely finalized, however hopefully this helps everyone get a bit better of a grasp on where LLLL.coms are at, where they’re going, and why so many of us see such a bright future for our LLLL.com portfolios 🙂


~ by Reece on December 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “A Prelude to the Price Guide…”

  1. good stuff – thanks for crunching these numbers! So – from just the sales reported on TDVR, looks like about $45,000 changing hands in this (significant) part of the aftermarket in the last 30 days. Hard to tell how much is new money coming in vs. trades back and forth though (compared to something like $274,000 on average each month making a one way trip to the registrars for renewal fees for the entire LLLL.com universe … then again for the 1126 in TDVR since November 1, that would be only about $720 on average per month renewal weight.) What’s my point? Just chewing on aftermarket prices relative to renewal fees to see how these numbers color the “expect lots to drop this year never to be regged again” anti-hype. Because of the possible “same dollars changing hands many times” scenario, it’s hard to make a really strong case for or against the “lots gonna drop” idea either way (though most of us probably have our own strong bias/instinct to trump any pesky logic at this point anyway). Still, hard to imagine mass drops when the absolute anti-premium rock bottom seems to be at least $10 / now probably $12 – well above reg fee. (And I’ve noticed people catching drops are flipping most of them for $18 to $30 on a regular basis.)

    I’m inspired to start scrutinizing the action in the < 10th percentile range more carefully now for a couple reasons – one, that’s still the bulk of my portfolio (in raw numbers if not $ value at this point) – and two, the anti-premiums are the “canaries in the coal mine” as far as the “lots gonna drop” hypothesis goes. (Maybe time for me to get cracking on my anti-premium.org site now!)

  2. Hi Reece,
    great guide! It’s nice to see that my site is useful and I’m glad to see TDVR mentioned in your blog.
    Your analysis is indeed excellent, day after day the price of LLLL.com going slowly up and with all LLLL.cn taken the price will go up still further.

    ps. Sry for my English I am working on it 🙂

  3. Hi Nullmind,

    First off, I’d like to thank you for sharing such a wonderful reference TDVR.com is with all of us 🙂

    Prices are indeed slowly creeping up and the LLLL.cn buyout can only help (thanks for the post idea)!

    Filter, I always enjoy reading your posts over at Namepros and nothing has changed here… We’re all so lucky to have been blessed with your presence at Namepros and can only look forward to learning more from you and your anti-premiums 😉

  4. thanks for the kind words Reece – likewise, enjoying sharing the food for thought that all the good people at NP have been bringing to the table & really great to see even more of that with focus on LLLL here. Amazing stuff really.

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