A Price Guide is on it’s Way!

Prices are starting to climb once again, fuelled by an ever decreasing supply of flippers whose names are ending up in the hands of domain investors. Many of these domain investors (such as myself) are in it for the long term — and while they may sell a few along the road (as I have), most of them are not planning on selling any more than necessary to recoup their investment and renewal costs. With more and more domainers entering the LLLL.com market daily and a limited supply of names on the market, it was only a matter of time before prices started to rise again… TDNAM is showing some very large price increases (as seen below; 7:45 CST).

strong market

Ones highlighted in red are names that would have been considered overpriced by last week’s performance (edit: zdfb.com has a ton of Google results upon investigation. The other names remain overpriced after further analysis, however, in comparison to sales last week). Most of the ones which aren’t highlighted are already at levels they likely would have sold at (or very close). To think that oftentimes sniping happens at the end! This shall be very interesting to watch 🙂

 Over at Namepros, the supply of LLLL.coms is a far cry from this:

llll.com madness

Ah… The memories 😉 And that would be precisely why prices are going up. Look around Namepros now, you’ll find 1/4 that many sales threads… That by the way is not an entire page — it’s about half of a single page in the Namepros Auctions forum. Gives you an idea how crazy supply and demand were right after the buyout. Demand is quickly moving towards that level once again, however supply is way down.

 I’ll have a wholesale price guide up later today which will price names according to the 10th percentile of each category. Names which will be covered will include LLLL.coms with 1 bad letter, 2 bad letters, 3 bad letters, 4 bad letters, 1 semi-premium, 2 semis, 3 semis, 4 semis, 1 bad + 1 semi, 1 bad + 2 semi, 1 bad + 3 semi, 2 bad + 1 semi, 2 bad + 2 semi, 3 bad + 1 semi. I will not be analyzing CVCV, VCVC, CVVC, VCCV as there are limited numbers of these and their sales are limited making a 10th percentile guide much more difficult. Furthermore, most of these names fall outside of the range of the average LLLL.com investors budget and interest. Because 4 letter domains are much more readily available (currently) than LLL.coms, the 10th percentile is being used to avoid having a single sale skewing the results. This will hopefully better reflect what the market is willing to pay, rather than a mere anomaly.


~ by Reece on December 2, 2007.

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