Another Potential market…

While googling my blog to see how it ranks for certain words, I came across this –  people selling 4 letter names in a computer game for game money. This game money can be sold on this very site for real USD. With the popularity of online games growing immensely, this presents an interesting new target market: gamers. Who wouldn’t think it’s cool to have their name in .com? Have all their friends email them at their ingame name? How much value would your average gamer place on this? Is it reasonable to assume many would be willing to pay more than $15 (the min wholesale) for this privilege? I think so.

A site you could post all your stats on… A site you could proudly display your favorite ingame moments. A name that is instantly memorable to all your online buddies… Is that worth $15 to you? If not, I don’t think you’re a gamer.

 With some online games having millions of users, name quality eventually becomes somewhat like domain names. People will try name after name, after name, realizing everything is taken. Eventually, they give up and likely go for something short (or something entirely random which they know won’t be taken).


~ by Reece on November 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “Another Potential market…”

  1. hi Reece – I’ve been thinking about possibilities along these lines in a more general sense for a while now (wondering about potential market for my “anti-premium” collection) Here is an excerpt from a rant I laid on an appraisal thread on the DS board a few weeks ago (“… like a wino barging into Sardi’s offering folks a swig from my jug of 2-buck chuck!”) ->

    […] I like them for being short, for being … special … in their own special way, bless their unpronounceable apparently meaningless little lexical souls. But the market for these LLLL “tokens” might be pretty strong in the long run – for younger techie types not necessarily “domainers”, but kidz who lik 2 txt lots n dxnt care 4 spllng w/ vwlz n stuff …! The majority of that demographic might not be able to buy much above $100 (yet) but enough just might over the next few years … it’s a (sloppily) calculated risk I guess – we’ll see.

  2. Filter,

    Great to see you here! I agree with you — 100%. These names are l33t to this younger generation and while large amounts of money (for them, maybe $100) may be unimaginable to spend on a domain right now, that just might not be the case in a few years…

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